Investment Plans

We have three (3) investment plans in place for any investment approach of all types of investors. Please choose accordingly.

MAX Trade


Daily for 20 Biz Days
Min. Invest$ 25
Max. Invest$ 100,000

*Earnings on Weekdays
*Total 28 Days
with weekends counted
*Zero Brackets

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High Trade


After 28 Days
Min. Invest$ 10
Max. Invest$ 100,000

*Payment at the maturity of the plan
*Inclusive of Principal
*Zero Brackets

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Mining Plan


Daily for 20 Days
Min. Invest$ 10
Max. Invest$ 100,000

*Pays 7 Days A Week
*Principal Returned
After Maturity
*Zero Brackets

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Plans Comparative Analysis

Comparison based on a $100.00 investment on each plan.

MAX Trade Plan

This will run for a period of 20 working days or 28 calendar days. Earnings will be credited only on work days, that is, Mondays to Fridays. No earnings will be credited for Saturdays and Sundays. Withdrawal is daily. No capital return after the end of investment cycle as capital is embedded in daily earnings of 7% of investment amount.

So for a $100 investment, you get $7 daily which in total gives $140 (capital inclusive) for a complete 20 working days or 28calendar days as you understand it

High Trade Plan

Here, the investment runs for a period of 28 calendar days. This counting includes week days and weekends. Earnings are not credited to account balance daily. For a single investment, your account balance will remain zero until after 28days when it shall be credited with a total of 155% of your investment (capital inclusive). No daily withdrawal as no earnings is credited daily until after the investment cycle.

So for a $100 investment on this plan, you earn a total of $155 at the end of the investment cycle which is 28 calendar days. Please note that no daily withdrawal for this plan as no daily earnings. You can only withdraw after being credited at the end of the investment cycle.

Mining Plan

Here, the investment runs for a period of 20 calendar days. This counting include week days and weekends. You earn 1.25% daily for the period. Earnings are credited daily and daily withdrawal is possible. There is capital return at the end of this plan even as you earn and withdraw daily.

So for a $100 investment, you earn $1.25 daily for 20 calendar days. That should give you a total of $25 profit. Then you have access to your capital of $100 after 20 days. This means, you have a total of $125 (capital added). The advantage of this to Max trade plan is that it runs for a shorter period (20 days) instead of 28days for Max trade plan.


Credit goes to user HoneyComb for the write up above.

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